5 reasons why you need a membership site


1. Recurring income
It doesn’t matter if you charge a small monthly fee for members to join or offer a completely
free membershipsite the website itself becomes an asset which can be leveraged to generate
recurring income.

2. Freedom to work at your convenience You can load all your course content at your
convenience. Making it online gives you the freedom to allocate time the wat

3. Concentrate on the niche of your choiceYou can focus on the area that you are
expert and reach out to the audience


4. Build a brand. They are an easy way to enhance your brand. Brand awareness is one of the important
thing for any business

5. Leverage previously created content Membership sites are a great place to organize all your content in a single place

And apart from the monetary benefit, there is a sense of satisfaction that you get when
you can build a community and help them.

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